story time.

So most the time i never really post about my dating life or boys(which i dont know why?). actually i do know why, i dont want to them(the boys) to see what i wrote. then i realized that a) most boys probably dont even know i have a blog and b) i dont really care anymore because there is a reason im not dating them. harsh? maybe. ok so  on to the stories. Some are about dates, some are not. 

Story number 1. 
Remember a couple months ago when i blogged about the book i was reading called "How To Avoid Falling In Love With A Jerk"? So it was a Wednesday and i was reading my book while at work. This (very handsome might i add) guy turns and says "hey what book are you reading?" I told him about the book and that i was reading it for a class. he then says very smoothly "well, why don't i take you out and show you that not all boys are jerks". im sorry but any guy who puts on a smooth line like that, i have to accept. So skipping a couple days later to Friday. he turns to me and asks what we should do for our date. we were laughing and trying to figure out what the plan was. he then says, "ok you should come over to my place at about one". One?! in the afternoon? maybe you don't think this is weird but i did, and not only that i thought "he's a double dipper". double dipper as in he will take me out in the afternoon then but keep his saturday night open for another girl. he wanted to make me dinner and go see a movie. cool, that's fine and i sounded fun. he then asked to change the date to 4 pm. ok even better. so i woke up early and got a lot of things done around the house. 3:30 comes around and he calls me and just started chit chatting. he then had to hurry and get off the phone and said he would call back. when you think of call back, what comes to your mind? well i guess his call back time was a little different than mine because he didn't call me until 6 pm. two hours late buddy, and he told me to drive over to his place. oh and that we were no longer making dinner or going to a movie but doing another activity instead. which i was totally down for carving pumpkins. long story short, we carved pumpkins until about 7 30 then they(boy and his roommates) wanted to go to Starbucks. we went to Starbucks and all sat in the back of his truck laughing and quoting movies. At about 9 he said he was really tired and wanted to go to bed. i'll give him the benefit of the doubt and just assume he went to bed (yeah right!! what 22 year old goes to bed at 9 on a saturday?). on monday, facebook said this boy and a certain girl was in a relationship. funny because wednesday he said he was totally single. guess that happened fast. I had fun, but sorry dude you were still sort of a jerk. 2 hours late, turned out to be not a date just a hang out(which would have been fine if he just told me that) and ditched out early. you double dipper.

story number 2
I have only been country dancing two times in my whole life, and it was fun to go with my girls. but to be honest i really just felt like i walked into a meat market. not fun. not only did i NOT get asked to dance by any normal guys, i kept getting creeper mccreep kenny to ask me to dance. over and over again. he was shorter than me, and never looked me in the eye. not only that he smelled like old sweat. you know that smell, the one where you accidently left your gym clothes in a bag and a week later pull them out and BAM, smell. yeah it was like that. anyway thats beside the point.
my story isnt about him, its mostly about the other creeper who kept asking me to dance. he didnt seem like a creeper when i was talking to him at first, but what happened next topped all my creeper stories i have ever had in my whole life. he danced with me, and we talked about fishing blah blah.
ok so he asked me for my number, and i gave it to him. wrong move on my part. when i got home i then had two texts from him. "hi its -----". "i had a really fun time talkeing to you". very thoughtful right? so i texted him back and said "yeah it was a fun time, have a great night".
he then relplied "well i wud like 2 take u oute sometime, maybe friday?"
"yeah sure that would be awesome. call me tomorrow and we can talk about it".
"well...do u thinke i have a chance withe u?"
huh?! knowing exactly what he ment i said this, "yes you have a chance to take me on date."
"no like be ur boyefriend".
HUUUUHHH?? i just met him.. a couple hours ago!
i then just fell asleep because honestly i didnt know how to answer that. anyway he kept texting me(all day long!) and i would probably reply to about every three texts.
can you blame me? sorry dude, but i dont have my phone with me all the time nor do i have time to just chit chat via text.
anyway i boldy told him he needs to lay off on all the texting and he started getting mega mad at me.
honestly i dont remember what led up to this point but lets just say i didnt go on a date with him, and i had to tell him to stop texting me. he was texting CRAZY things to me. he would put an "e" after everything. talke, aske, saye, you get the gist. anyway i called him and finally had to tell him to please leave me alone. he then called me a nasty word and then turned around and said sorry sorry please talk to me blah blah.
ok so this is where it gets crazy and confusing and the plot thickens.
i was at the gym one night and met a guy who was probably the most attractive man i have ever seen in my life. tall, dark black hair put into a somewhat fo hawk, soul patch, and the a rockin bod. um hello! anyway he starts talking to me and we start chit  chatting about..whatever. anyway he asks for my number and wants to hang out sometime. i was a little hesitant after what happened early that week. but i thought, hey maybe he's not a creep? he calls me, so i now had his number that i didnt save(why? i dont know). right when i get home from the gym, i get this call from the same looking number. i answered it and we talked blah blah, he then asked me if i wanted to go to the university dance. DUH! heck yeah i'll go. i told him my address, time to come get me and stuff like that. i started getting butterflies because i was so excited. this boy was very cute, and very nice.
the door bell rings.
i open the door, and guess who is standing at the door.
not gym boy.
it was stalker (from collegetown) who is friends with creeper!!!!
side note: stalker boy followed me everywhere down in collegetown(the town he is from) and always asked for my number but i would never give it to him. you see stalker boy has schizophrenia and he is bi polar. i was still nice to him but i never gave him my number because he was known for doing some scary stuff in collegetown. So that night i went country dancing and met creeper, stalker walked up to him and put his arm around him AFTER i gave creeper my number.
back to the door scene.
my heart dropped and i went into a cold sweat.
i tried to be nice and tell him i must have got some things mixed up and that i couldnt go because something came up. im not that mean to shut the door in his face. but im not going to lie i was really scared, and not only that i was home alone.
he then left and was mad that i couldnt go to the dance anymore.
would you?
anyway long story short i had to block BOTH of their numbers.

note to self: NEVER give your number out to new boys. they may seem pretty in the face, but that doesnt mean they are not creepers. 

story number 3. 
Last weekend my collegetown friends came up to hometown and we all went dancing. i love them and it was so much fun! we had a huge group and we all just danced and danced. about half way through a friend(who went country dancing with me) came up and said "creeper boy is here!" im glad she told me. i just stayed by my friends and he didnt bother me.

note to self: make sure boys are always in your group.

story number 4.
yesterday i went to the doctor to get a physical and guess how many shots i had to get? 6!!! 6 shots all in my arms. pretty sure i am a little sore today ha.

story number 5. 
today: a girl i work with walked in on me while i was in the bathroom. i didnt scream, but i made a weird noise and she hurried and shut the door. i started laughing so hard, while i was washing my hands.the worst thing has to be after something embarrassing/funny happens, you are by yourself to laugh about it. after i walked out and went by her desk and we laughed so hard we started crying.

lots of good things have been happening lately(other than the crazy stories) and im super happy.
life is great, and i hope all you have a wonderful day.

please feel free to share stories in the comments! any kind of stories are welcome. i would love it!



  1. dude, i am dying here. what a crazy world of guys we got here. thats insane! your way too beautiful to be attracting creepers. dont they even know? that is why im grateful to have a boyfriend especially since he got me a play ring that looks real. guys dont even ask me they just assume and i love it.

    side note...um i just saw that post about the "raptor in jurassic park" and i sat here and laughed till i popped a gut and started to cry. literal tears.

  2. holy crap. I want to know who collegetown stalker boy is! haha I am trying so hard to think who it could be but I've got nothing. Text me.

    Good stories! :)

  3. I love the term "double-dipper." I mean I don't like what it entitles to be a "double-dipper" but I find it a perfectly fit word for men like that. Jerkfaces. the end.

  4. this is awesome. please post more of these. ohhh double dippin!