falling in love with arizona day 2.

-I took the boys to the grocery store so we could pick up a couple things.
-we then went to feed the ducks across the street from the house.
-not only did we feed ducks, but we ended up feeding the huge fish in there too
-after that we went to the outdoor mall and just walked around.
-we went to the apple store, to see the dogs, and to other random stores.
-Boo lost his tooth in Charlotte Russe ha!
- We then went to see the movie TRON. The boys LOVED TRON. I had to explain things to them, but they caught on.
-we ran into one of their sisters friends who works at the mall doing that spinny thing. So we did it. It was awesome,but it sure does give you a headache.
-we then went home, and went to bed. that way we could be all ready for day three.