falling in love with arizona day 3

Saturday was LOADS of fun!
-went to cafe rio for lunch. laughed and told funny stories
-headed to the mall to do build a bear. Stud got a wolf, Morg got a rocknroll bear. he put a "do your own sound" thing in his, so we both went in the bathroom and i yelled "rock n roll dude!". we started laughing.
-we then went to Goodwill. I have never been to Goodwill and i heard from multiple people that it was BOMB. so we went. and tried on dresses. good times
-we headed back to the house and made homemade pizza. we just got whole wheat tortilla's, and put sauce, chicken and cheese on top. it was good because the boys could make their own and put however much of whatever they wanted on it.
-we then went to a little place filled with trampolines and foam pits!! we were there for over and hour, and had SO MUCH FUN! we did lots of flips and diving.
-after we headed to wal mart to pick up some 5 dollar shoes. we then got home and colored away. it was cheap and it let them color what they wanted on their shoes.
-i love these boys. they were so good for me, and we had lots of fun! we had a lot of good talks about life, and girls and toys. even though they are not very old, these boys are amazing. not only that Morg always opened my door. see? i love them.
Sunday everyone came back from their trip and we just hung out at the house. i went on motorcycle ride, and loved it! have i ever mentioned how much i love motorcycles? oh yeah. it was amazing. the weather was awesome too.
Monday, we all woke up sick! my flight actually had to be delayed because of how sick everyone was. i looked and felt like a zombie at the airport, and i just wanted to be in a bed. too bad that sickness lasted all week.
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