story of the smiling doll.

there was this one time when i was at my friends house and we were hanging out with his little sisters. we were down stairs watching Jonah Hex, when we heard lots and lots of giggling coming from upstairs.
meh.. didnt really think to much of it until...
we walked in his room and found a doll sitting on his bed.
smiling at us.
he grabbed the doll and we walked into her room. he grabbed her ipod headphones and started to wrap it around the dolls neck. he looked both ways looking for a place to hang it.
i opened up the closet door and we proceeded to wrap the headphones around the bar.
then it hung there.
we shut the closet door.
the next morning i saw she posted something on facebook.
and i laughed out loud, even harder than we were in her room.
she is probably scarred for life.
probably because she is 12.
man, we have to much fun when we are together.


  1. Hi Ash. so, I'm sorta new to this whole "Blogger" initiative. so, what do I do - just post a comment? *giggles** :) This is SO fun! I'm really excited to see what quirky things you come up with next! And your photograph! Ashhhh, you - in a box - ??? - now I've seen everything! **giggles** - much love! MT