in and out.

last week was a very big week for this lady. some friends from collegetown came up to support me while i opened my big letter. after we went to in and out burger joint, and i ate my first hamburger in over a year. the last time i had a hamburger was january of last year(i'm sure you were dying to know that, ha.). i'm somewhat of a vegetarian so this was a big event, hence thats why helen documented it. thanks helen!
ps, i actually LIKED eating the hamburger. weird.


  1. Haha i LOVE in n out Ash! and cute picture! :)

  2. In N Out..reforming vegetarians one at a time.

  3. I couldn't go that long without a burger. I LOVE burgers. :)

  4. Where did you get your nail polish?!
    You're cute!

  5. yes, the burger was actually amazing. i might just go get another one ha!
    @alyssa- i believe i purchased the charcoal polish at sallys beauty supply. i have also seen similar colors with opi, and ice(walmart brand).