march update.

this has been a big month. i first went to washington for a funeral, but played lots with my family. i love them.
i turned 22. whoah
the girls and i aka bestfriend, aunt julie, momma joni, my mom, and i had a girls night. SO MUCH FUN!  we got pedicures, deep conditioned our hair, made dinner, and watched a movie. i love them.
i got invited to an irish st pattys party. we ate irish grub, and danced around the huge fire. HUGE FIRE!
this past wednesday i got the best letter in the mail. HOUSTON TEXAS here i come!
i'm so thankful for everyones support and love. i am so thankful and so blessed to have such great friends and family. this is the happiest i have been in my whole life, and i love it. thank you for all your sweet comments and i hope you have a lovely weekend! happy friday.


  1. AND you had your first hamburger in a year! That is worth noting! hahaha! Love you!

  2. helen! check out my new post. just for you :)

  3. ooh houston, here you come! my fam lives there so i go visit all the time! if you haven't already, check out the galleria, discovery green, and kemah. so fun! :)