Yes, Creepers Please Flock To Me. I LOVE It

So during the past week I have had creepers flock to me. Do not ask me why, because it is still something that is boggling my mind. I am going to let you in a little conversation that has taken place with two creepers.. YIKES!
Ok so first of all, Creeper #1 i met at a tire place. He got my number from a mutual friend.. and this is how the conversation went. He totally caught me off gaurd, becuase he was pretty good looking, and seemed nice, but uh.. well i know its kinda long.. but keep reading!
Creeper 1: Hey how are you doing?
Me: Pretty good, you?
C1: Good, just heading home. wanna come?
Me: home? where is home
C1: S-town(he said the real town) i'll see you there!
Me: Sorry i already have plans with some friends
C1: Well i though i would try!!
Me: So is it your house or your parents house?( and this is where i said the wrong thing! bah!)
C1: Its my parents. the goverment took my house!
Me: uh, did you not pay your bills?!
C1: No i used the wrong kind of money if you know what i mean!
Me: did you use Monopoly money?! haha * because i didnt know what other kind of money there was.. dang for being niave.
C1: No drug..
Me: Drug?!
C1: Yup did and sold! i have been clean for a while. Now you gonna judge me?
Me: Nope im not one to judge.
C1: do you Drink? Drugs?
*Now here i wanted to say yes im a raging alcoholic! hahah. but.. uh not a good idea. lol
Me: No i dont.
C1: If i may ask what religon are you?
Me: Im LDS
C1: Well im a saint in a sinners eyes and i dont believe in religion! but i was born catholic.
hmm... and i left it at that.. no more talking to Creeper 1.. YIKES!
And i have to go to class, so i'll have to continue this later!! oh richard...


  1. Oh goodness Ashree!! What a creeper!!!! I would've ignored him too!

  2. YEAH!! it was bad!! yyyiikes! haha