IM BACK! no i didnt die

Herrrro Herrroo! p.s IM BACK! and posting! are you happy? ok good to go! haha.
Well i have been just lovin summer! this is what i have been doing..
  • Swimming in our friends pools, aka snorkaling(is that how you spell it? dont judge)
  • Fires, and roasting smarshmellows and starbursts. umm..hello! yum!
  • Working out, running 5ks.
  • Playing in parks...everyday of our lives!
  • Just bein the crazy redheaded self i am
  • Working. i live up here with my fam, but i work about an 1 1/2 away. so i go down there for a couple weeks and then up here for a couple. i must say, im not sure im a fan of it, and kinda want to find a new job.its not that i dont love my job there. i just want to work everyday. is that bad?
Anyway so thats what going on in my life. kinda crazy busy but fun. i'll keep you posted. deal? ok good to freaken go!
ps. i still love black nail polish, and also will post pictures. so check back later! :)

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