can anyone say..AWKWARD?!

So..here's the thing. haha. This morning im sitting on the computer faceblogging when..... My grandma comes in holding a pair of.. lets just say a type of underwear not ment to be seen by others; and says..

"Ah..Ash, are these yours?"

*blushing* and i quickly snatched them away and laughing "Yeah they are".

"Oh i was wondering who's they were. Grandpa put them in with my laundry."

"Grandpa WHAT?!" -Thinking to my self..so not only has she seen them..but Grandpa has too..dang it!

"I told him they were not mine, they were probally his" by this time we are bustin out laughing..and then she says "yeah, then he got so mad and walked out!" HAHAHAHA!!

oh what an AWKWARD MOMENT! aahh,, sorrry? from now on im making sure none of those run off into some other persons laundry...Whoops!


  1. hahaha!! Was this your Gma and Gpa Hooper?? That's hilarious!

  2. Holy Crap! That is so embarrassing! My Grandma would have kicked my trash and then she would've kicked my mom's trash too! Hahahaha!
    -Little Walton aka Sass

  3. baby walton? is that you? lol. dude i didnt know you have a blog!

  4. Hahaha oh my eyes are watering that was so dang funny!

  5. I have heard this story a few times and it still makes me laugh!!