The most random post I'll ever make..

so basically, i havent posted in a long time. wierd i know. this is whats been goin on.
-I have been working back in the town where i go to school slash 85 miles away. i go there for a week or two then come for a couple weeks.
-playing everynight till 3 in the morning. go big or go home right?
-worked in a firework stand for 2 days and made awesome bones
-planning the trip to DISNEYLAND
-listening to "sunset lover" everyday for the past week. i love my life
-love my life as in..what am i doing with it? shoot maybe i should figure that out
well there are my random thought. life has been a little stressful. it doesnt sound like it, but..it is. i really feel like im in a game of baseball and getting throne curveballs every two seconds. but it makes me learn and grow, so things are going to be fine :)
oh and..i have lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks. YES! my goal is to loose 15 pounds by the time school starts. so maybe i should be better. wait.. where has the summer gone?!
Happy 4th of July!
ps. my next post hopefully isnt this random, so dont judge me! ha ha

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