Sometimes I take pictures....

How would you like seeing this face at your window?
This weekend I went home to visit the fam and such. Not only that BestFriend was cheering at a basketball game, so I wanted to cheer her on. whoo!! We both used to do cheer in high school, but I stopped and she went on to do college. She is so good at it too! Yay! Good job BestFriend!! After her half time show D and I wanted to take some pictures.
Because we are cool like that.... just say'in.

I wanted to be a cheerleader...in normal clothes. Because thats how I roll..
D did a toe touch, but it was so good that it wasnt caught on film. dane it.
After all this shinanagins, we went to Spoon Me. Yes the place is called spoon me, and it is delish. In two ways. I mean..no spooning is bad. very bad. We went for a little walk when D tells me that girls cant make engine noises or gun noises. "who is this kid?" thats what I said. So I tried to make an engine noise and sure enough, sounded like a moped. And don't worry I got made fun of hard core. But whatever.
Saturday, I went with my aunt shopping for a bit then to lunch. I LOVED IT! After I met my mom and we went shopping. Shopping as in the whole mall was packed full and I hated my life. Until my mom bought me boots. Praise!! Thanks mom, la you long time! That night didnt go as planned, but it resulted in Youtubing prank calls and then a random dance party. Can I just say how I love dance parties. Even though I look like a fool, I could care less. Boo yeah!
Sunday I went to church with my family at the home ward. Basically I decided that little kids are HILARIOUS! It was the primary program, and one girl was picking her noise and singing. The next a 4 year old little boy yelled "LOVE...I MEAN PRAY..." I then went to the nursery with my mom. Holy.. The kids were OUT OF CONTROL! out of control as in jumping around everywhere, then screaming the next. After church my nana came over to have dinner with us. Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravey, home made rolls, jello. Was I in heaven? Yes.. Yes I was. Basically I LOVED this weekend, and its making me so excited for the Holidays.

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