$12 in Duck Tape=This post

Last Thursday the guys and I went to go to a dance, but it didnt work out. So we all sat around doing the whole "what do you want to do? I dont know what do you want to do" type of thing. Well randomly one of the boys says "lets duck tape someone to the ceiling.". ummm ok? wtcrap who is this kid? haha. anyway we were bored..so we went to good ol wal-mart to sure enough get duck tape. what did we have to lose? We get back to my appartment and I jump up on the couch against the wall. And they went duck taping away. IT was SO FUN! holy cow we were laughing the whole time. We used two huge rolls aka 12 dollars worth in duck tape. aint nothin but at thang. So here are the pictures of our adventure, and then a video at the bottom of me sticking to the wall. You can laugh out loud if you like, no one will judge.

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