This past week...

So this past week I moved back to good ol hometown. It has been awesome to be back with all my family, and to see my hometown friends again. I didn't realize how much I would miss "college town" though. It really is so weird. When I'm there I always wanted to be home, when im home I want to be there. "wtcrap ash" thats what I say. Anyway, last week on my last night in "college town" I had a little shin-dig. It was so I could say goodbye to all my friends, and just kind of have a good night with them all. It was alot of fun! Everyone showed up, and we ate icecream. um hi I LOVE icecream. Love as in I could eat my weight in it. Aint nothin but a thang right?

The Gang. I LOVE these boys, and pretty sure I'm missing them as I speak
These girls are so awesome!
So Thursday morning I got up really early to pack all my shiz. uh, I hate moving. I was actually dragging my feet while packing. Kels sat on her bed and we mostly talked the whole time I was packing. Even though I sounded like a man because I had bacterial bronchitis, it was good to talk to her. We took a couple of room mate pictures and gave eachother hugs. They have been so awesome. Its been nice to have them all as room mates, and I have learned so much from each of them. So I get all my car packed, and I walk into my bare room to say good bye to Kels. As we are hugging the tears start rolling down my face. It was such a sad moment. Even now writing this post I have a lump in my throat. I pull my self together, walk down the stairs and got into my car. I sat for a couple minutes just staring at everything and taking one last mental image of the place I have lived at for 3 years... Sad moment. I'm going to miss it, and everyone there. Thank heavens for cell phones and facebook right?

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