Random Things about Ash Att..

In my posts I normally post alot of pictures. That is the best way I can portray either how I feel, or the moments I am in. But I thought I would do something a little different and just write a couple random things about me. I am probably the most random person you will meet. But thats just how I am, its how I was made. And it keeps things interesting right? So here we go..

1. I have worn a Harley Davidson ring on my left hand everyday for over 3 years. Its a ring I got on a trip to mexico my senior year, and since I love Harleys.. I wear the ring.
2. My hair is red, not blonde. I put blonde through my hair, just because its different. I HATE being called a blonde.
3. I have a weird first name, but I wont say it on this blog. I love it because no one else has it. Well just kidding, there is a man in China with my name but he's across the country. No I'm not asain, and yes my parents can pronounce their L's.
4. I trust most people, UNTIL they give me a reason not to trust them.
5. If a boy asks me on a date then bails on me, I wont talk to him again. I'm not that type of girl that plays games or lets boys walk all over me. uht uh no way.
6. I can't remember my first kiss. I know the boy of my first kiss, but not when it was.
7. I don't really have a favorite color. I'm pretty chill with all of them.
8. One time when I was fishing I got a pregnant female. I cut it open and all the eggs went everywhere. I thought it was the coolest thing..ever.
9. I have 3 birthmarks
10. I love Saturdays because when I was little I would help my dad around the house while we listened to rock music. Thats mostly why I listen to old rock because it reminds me of that.
11. I love Football, but hate basketball.

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