Tis The Season!

Last night Best Friend and I went on a double date. It was AWESOME! This date was filled with Lion House Pantry, Temple Lights, and lots of laughs. Best Friend and her date had to leave early to catch a Christmas Party. So Dear Bobbie and I stayed and walked around for a while longer. We started pulling the "Thats what she said" stuff to people as they walked by us. It was hilarious. For example. One lady walked by and looked at this really large tree with lots of lights. She says "Thats HUGE"..My reply "Thats what she said" and we walked off. Or how these little kids ran past us and one said "Your going way to fast!". Our reply "Thats what she said". You see? We spent probably half the time just saying "thats what she said" jokes. Meh, aint nothin but a thang. So here are the pictures we took while on the Temple grounds.

Hope you all are having a GREAT Holiday Season!

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