marriage is what brings us together today.

My best friend is getting married on Saturday! I can't believe it's finally here! I'm so excited for her to move to the next chapter in her life. Did you know I set them up? I always tell this to everyone when we talk about her getting married. I'm just so happy they are together, and the happiness I see in them makes me so excited for them.

So with that being said, this week is going to be a little bit crazy (kirst I cant imagine what your feeling this week).

Bring it on week, I'm ready for you...

p.s. yes i did just pull out a "Princess Bride" quote.

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  1. SO cute! :)

    I am hoping my best friend marries her boyfriend- they are totally in love and perfect- they just wanna make it through college first- understandable. ha.

    Because if they do I can be like- "I set you guys up!" ha. TRUE. :)

    LOVE, Makay