rock on.

 I went to a concert the other night and it was BEYOND awesome. For Today and my buddies I Capture Castle , along with a couple other bands played at the show.  After my friends played there was a band that went wild. I had SNIN and bubba protect me from the moshers, but what happened next couldn't be stopped. we were right in the front by the stage when i notice their guitar player was running on the stage and coming at us. he then jumped into the air, out into the crowd. i looked up and saw feet coming at me, when BOOM! foot on the face. that just happened. it was one of the slow motion moments i swear. luckily there was no major damage. just a couple bumps and bruises.
SNIN and i decided it would be funny to pinch the moshers as they were pushing into us. it was funny until SNIN pinched a Straight Edge kid, and he punched the kid next to me because he thought it was the kid that pinched him. HA!!
oh man, that show was AWESOME.
i want to do it again.
oh and ps. one of the bands mom came out to support them. cute huh?
i want to be that kind of mom.


  1. Are you going to the Coheed concert in SLC in May? Boyfriend is going and I'm trying to figure out if I'm gonna go.. totally random but I'm just wondering! :)

  2. you WILL be that mom! i can SO see it!!
    glad you had fun chica.


  3. @kaleena thanks girl!! i love your hair. for realz.
    @kell i want to!! depends on if im in town. im jealous you are going.
    @ash thanks! your awesome. are you feeling better?

  4. uuuuuhhhhhhhh.. Your hair is thee most adorable I have seen in a long time!